Massage is not just a "feel good" experience! It is an experience that causes profound chemical and cascading physiological changes throughout the whole body, the result of which makes a person healthier in every way!! Tiffany Fields, the developer of the Miami Touch Research Institute, says that every condition, from ADHD to cancer, that passes through the institute, is greatly helped by massage! She, as I do, longs for people to understand and be educated concerning its benefits

Experts estimate that 90% of disease is stress related! Nothing ages us faster internally and externally than high stress. Regular massage helps greatly in managing stress levels. When the body stays in a state of constant stress, eventually it  will break down. A good diet, enough sleep, exercise and regular massage will definitely decrease your chances of developing disease.

Many clients ask how often they should receive a massage. I say as often as possible! Once a week would be tremendous for your health and well being. Less often than once a month would not be recommended. However, doing it when you can is better than nothing.

Invest in What Matters

Born to Be Touched

No one is exempt from needing to be touched. Humans need to touch and be touched, just like we need food and water. Some repress the craving, while others go to extremes to obtain it. We long for it, whether we realize it or not. Much of how we function as adults depends on how we were nurtured during infancy.

Serious research on the importance of touch began only about 40 years ago. But since that time scientists have shown that the amount of body contact in our lives plays a vital role in our mental and physical development as infants and in our happiness, health and vigor as adults. Touch influences our ability to deal with stress and pain, to form close relationships with other people and to fight off disease. As a society, we are touch deprived.

The accumulation of toxins in your cells causes stiffness throughout the body. Stiffness in muscles puts abnormal pressure on nerves, blood and lymph vessels. The pressure on blood and lymph vessels affect both skeletal systems and internal organ functioning. A weekly massage can help to retrain the muscles to relax. Regular massage is not just a feel good experience. It is absolutely essential to a body if a person desires to stay optimally healthy. Our nerves and muscles have memory. When we experience stress or trauma our nerves and muscles will remember the experience. This can often lead to muscles staying contracted or spasming in an effort to  guard the body against the stress or trauma. Tight muscles from exercising or body building that are not stretched and/or massaged keep a person in jeopardy health-wise from the constant squeezing on blood bessels, nerves and lymph systems. Research continues to show enormous benefits of massage.

Proven Benefits of Regular Massage

  • Increases the number of natural killer cells in the body which kills bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells
  • Increases: circulation, healing, immunity, energy,  quality of sleep, concentration, perspective and clarity
  • Releases endorphins (body's natural pain killer and mood elevator)
  • Gives a healthier, better nourished skin
  • Decreases: anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, toxins, levels of stress hormones
  • Gives better athletic performance–massage before and after an event makes an athlete more flexible, less prone to injury, enhanced speed and power

Frequent massage can play a huge part in how healthy you’ll be and how youthful you'll remain with each passing year! It does a body good!

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